Fortnite's Guided Missile has been disabled again

Any Fortnite victories you plan on claiming this weekend will need to be secured without one of the game's more powerful weapons. Epic just announced that it has disabled the Guided Missile for the time being, citing some sort of issue with the weapon. At the moment, we don't know when the Guided Missile will return to the game.

In fact, there isn't a lot we know about why the Guided Missile was removed. On Twitter, the only thing Epic had to say was that it's currently investigating an issue with the weapon, leaving it at that. There's been no description of the problem nor is there a timeline for when it will be enabled again.

A peek at Reddit might fill in the missing details, however. In the thread where the Guided Missile's removal was announced, a number of users are speculating that this has something to do with the way the weapon interacts with Shadow Stones. Apparently, there's a glitch that allows players to go completely invisible while still being able to use their weapons, and that glitch relies on the Guided Missile to work.

Whatever the reason, this isn't the first time the Guided Missile has been removed from the game. Not long after it was launched, the Guided Missile was vaulted so Epic could spend some time tweaking its power output. It recently returned to the game after being reworked, but it can still be a powerful weapon in the right hands.

Just as well, this wouldn't be the first time Shadow Stones have been associated with an overpowered glitch, so Reddit's assumptions certainly seem within the realm of possibility. We'll see if the Guided Missile returns soon, so stay tuned.