Fortnite leak tips biggest feature add-on yet

A tip this week says Fortnite will soon have a feature that'll change the game. Where in the past, the idea that anyone would be "modding" Fortnite was punishable by ban. Now, if what's in the works is indeed what's expected, Epic Games is far more open to the idea that users might want to make Fortnite their own personal do-anything playground for chaos.

Per the Fortnite leaker named Lucas7yoshi, "Modding support will be coming to Fortnite." This leaker noted "to what extent you could mode the game or what you could do with it, I'm not sure. But it's definitely by definition "modding"."

Information in a series of leaks this week suggests that randomly generated text titles are included. With that in play, it's possible that Epic Games will implement a feature that'll allow user-created content for the game. That's not guaranteed, but generating what appear to be "plugins" doesn't normally need random naming – unless they need to be unique.

At the same time, this might all be part of the latest Epic Games effort to keep new content secret. Where before now they'd SOMETIMES post content with URLs that were easy to guess, now they've gone ahead and started to add unique elements.

Above you'll see one example of how Epic Games lists Fortnite image files on Unreal Engine dot com. Cross your fingers this means something massively important is on the horizon. Event timing in the past suggests that we'll see a major event on the 28th or 29th of November in the afternoon. Can we hope for Galactus and The Mandalorian at the same time?

NOTE: We also saw the addition of the monthly subscription fee "The Crew" system added today. It's unlikely that this code generation system and that monthly subscription system are the same. It would, however, not be a shock to find the subscription system tie in with any sort of "modding" in the near future.