Fortnite subscription revealed - The Crew

This morning Epic Games revealed the Fortnite CREW Subscription. This subscription is $12 per month and includes 1000 vbucks per month. You'll find an exclusive Fortnite Crew Skin bundle in the mix, and it'll begin with the December 2nd Season 5 launch.

Fortnite Crew includes a Battle Pass for the full season. As a member of the Fortnite crew, says Epic, "you'll always have access to the current season's Battle Pass!" This subscription includes "a new monthly Crew Pack" as well, with "an always-new Outfit Bundle that only Fortnite Crew members get."

So you're basically paying $12 a month for 1000 vbucks, a special outfit, and access to the Battle Pass contents each season. Sound like a deal to you?

Above you'll see the first Fortnite Crew announce trailer. In it, you'll see some info about Season 5 as well as the lovely outfit you'll gain access to for the first month of subscription goodness. Don't forget to look for clues for the future of the bundle, too – they're bound to be in there, somewhere!

Is this what you were expecting with a subscription to Fortnite? Is this the sort of thing that makes you finally, at long last, pay to play Fortnite? What do you think about the potential future for this Epic Games mega-game?

Now we'll see whether Apple or Epic bends the knee to bring the game back to iOS. With a monthly subscription in the mix, there's certainly a lot more to be gained by either party. That is, if Fortnite gamers decide that the monthly $12 is really an amount they're willing to pay. If they're already paying that (or more) per month on the game, why not?