Fortnite disables Slurp Juice after bug gave players unlimited shields

Most bugs are annoying, but occasionally one appears that is great...for the person who discovers it, that is. Such is the case with a new issue involving Fortnite's Slurp Juice, one of multiple shield drinks that can be found by players in-game. Ordinarily, a Slurp Juice shield would give players a certain amount of protection from health point damage, but a new bug caused these players to be invincible.

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This afternoon, Epic Games said in a tweet that it has temporarily removed Slurp Juice after its discovered "an issue" that it needs to investigate. That issue, based on player reports, was near-invincibility, making it difficult to kill anyone who got their hands on one of these jugs.

This issue follows yesterday's announcement that Slurp Juice would be tweaked in the v5.10 update. Whereas before Slurp Juice granted point per second for 25 seconds, Epic decided to increase it to two points per second.

The change wasn't a smooth one, though, resulting in today's post-update Slurp Juice bug. The rare item became a treasured find — and source of many complaints — until Epic pulled it. There's no word on when it'll return.

The bug works (worked) by having the user drink the Slurp Juice, but then toggle out of that selection to a different one at the last moment. Once that happened, the shield and increased health points would be applied but the Slurp Juice would remain in their inventory, enabling them to repeat this process endlessly for, essentially, a bottomless shield and health potion.

SOURCE: Twitter