Fortnite Playground LTM v2 detailed: Here are the 5 major changes

Epic Games is bringing back Fortnite Playground Limited Time Mode tomorrow, July 25. The relaunch will follow today's v5.10 update, which added and changed many things in Fortnite, as well as revealing all the upcoming changes to Playground LTM. Epic made more than a dozen changes to Playground, some of them substantial, including a huge increase in the amount of loot.

So much loot

Playground mode is for playing, experimenting, and practicing, not wasting time finding the right firearm or farming enough materials. Players requested an increase in available loot and Epic listened. Playground LTM v2 will include 100 Supply Drops in addition to the 100 Llamas, chests will spawn three weapons and atypically high amounts of ammo, ammo can spawn at x10 the regular amount, bounce and launch pad spawns are more common, and higher-tier vending machines are more likely to spawn.

More team options

As Epic teased yesterday, the new Playground update adds additional team options, namely the ability to switch teams while in a game. This enables players to joined together to build, to find a partner to fight, and to switch partners at any time. For now, says Epic, voice chat remains on across the entire team, but the company is working on adding new customization options to this for future versions.

One person can't end a game

One of the most annoying aspects of the first Playground LTM was how much control a single person had: if one person left the game, the entire session ended and all players had to get out and start over. This was problematic for many players who complained on Twitter and Reddit, prompting Epic to tweak the mode. With Playground LTM v2, a session won't end if a player leaves the game.

Faster respawn and drops

Another big feedback topic was respawn wait times, which many players felt was too long at 10 seconds. Epic has reduced that wait time to only 3 seconds in v2. As well, Epic says that the forced glider deploy height has been lowered in the new Playground LTM, meaning players can skydive for longer periods of time and reach the ground faster than usual.

Aim assist, shields, and rockets

Aim assist works in Playground v2 when using a gamepad and fighting the opposite team, says Epic. The company has also decreased bandages while increasing Slurp Juice and Chug Jug spawns and adding Chug Jugs to the floor loot. As well, the golf cart vehicles are now included in Playground.

SOURCE: Fortnite Patch Notes