Fortnite's next update buffs Slurp Juice

Fortnite's weekly patch is still a little while off, but before it arrives, Epic has detailed a pretty significant change it'll make to Slurp Juice. Slurp Juice, as you Fortnite players will already know, is a consumable item that grants 25 health and 25 shields over time, making it a handy little find. The next Fortnite patch will change the way Slurp Juice works and even give it a little buff in the process.

Before we dive into what's changing, let's go through a quick explanation of how Slurp Juice currently works. The epic-rarity consumable grants the user one shield point and one health point per second for 25 seconds, resulting in 50 points of combined health and shield total. The issue with Slurp Juice is that if you have more than 75 health or shield when you drink one, you'll lose out on some extra points since both stats cap at 100 each.

Over on the Fortnite subreddit, a user by the name of HalfHealth (which seems appropriate given the conversation) published a suggested buff to Slurp Juice. With his buff, any extra healing would be applied to shields and vice versa. Therefore, if you had 90 points of health when you drink a Slurp Juice, the extra 15 points that you would have otherwise lost would be applied to your shield.

As it turns out, Epic has actually been planning a buff to Slurp Juice, and it's something similar to what HalfHealth was suggesting. As detailed by Fortnite design lead Eric Williamson in the comments section on that very post, Fortnite update 5.10 (which is likely this week's update) will change Slurp Juice to grant 75 points (2 per second) total. It'll first prioritize HP, but if HP is full, the rest of the points will be applied to your shield.

So, if you have full health and 25 shield and you drink a Slurp Juice, you'll end up with 100 shield and 100 health for an effective 200 HP. It sounds like a great change, and it should make Slurp Juice a more valuable find. We'll likely find out more about Fortnite version 5.10 soon, so stay tuned.