Flappy Bird in a Box takes addictive game into the real world

Chris Davies - Feb 19, 2014
Flappy Bird in a Box takes addictive game into the real world

Flappy Bird may be dead, at least the original version of the ridiculously-addictive game, but that hasn’t stopped the copycats and clones, including this real-world version dubbed Flappy Bird in a Box. The handiwork of Fawn Qiu, the Arduino-powered game sees a paper bird try to navigate a scrolling landscape of pipes, with the lid slapping shut if you hit one.

The game itself is as straightforward as its inspiration. Two buttons control it – one to “flap” the bird higher, the other to reset the lid – and then two servo motors control the player’s height and the movement of the scenery. A reed switch and magnets round things out.

While the setup may be simple, the positive reaction from people in Qiu’s video below certainly looks genuine enough. While Flappy Bird was criticized by many for being too basic, that simple charm seems more effective when in physical form.

Even better, there’s no chance of getting malware on your Android phone from Qiu’s physical rendition of the game, unlike the unexpected payload some versions have found to smuggle. In fact, the most danger you probably face is a paper cut.

If you’re still looking to get your Flappy Bird fix digitally, there are plenty of alternatives out there, including our personal favorite, Flappy Bert created by the Sesame Street team. The original was killed after its developer, Dong Nguyen, realized he’d created a monster and couldn’t cope with the guilt.

VIA Adafruit

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