Flappy Bird alternatives march on: Sesame Street’s Bert, Doge, MMO, Cupid

Chris Burns - Feb 12, 2014
Flappy Bird alternatives march on: Sesame Street’s Bert, Doge, MMO, Cupid

The Flappy Bird obsession continues this week as the creator of the original game has completely shut down his app and – in the wake of this event – clones have arisen. This isn’t the first time we’ve covered the Flappy Bird alternatives, as it were, but they’ve prevailed to such an extent that we had to return for a double-dip! Today we’re having a look at several in-browser solutions as well as one rather well-made app.

First you’re going to have to take a peek at the app Amazing Cupid. This app is the first we’ve seen to take the Flappy Bird gameplay seen in the original title, making it into a much better game rather than just stuffing it into another clone’s body. Amazing Cupid has several kinds of gameplay as well as the ability to work with sharing with social networks.

Amazing Cupid is also completely free, and isn’t above yelling at you for failing to fly through the tubes. And the pillars, the portals, and every other little oddity too. For now this game is only out for Android, but we imagine an iOS version for iPhone is coming sooner than later.


Also out this week is a clone of Flappy Bird made by the web developers responsible for representing Sesame Street. The real Sesame Street, for real, making Flappy Bert for your enjoyment. Don’t let Bert crash or he’ll blame Ernie for his misfortune!


Another straight-up clone with a twist is Flappy Doge. This web-based game brings one of the most infamous memes from 2013 through to the future with an icon all his own, flying with his flappy tail.


One of our favorites from the past week is also – unfortunately – one of the few that’ve already bit the dust, as well. Here the Flappy MMO (massively multiplayer online game) has been doused not long after takeoff. Thankfully Complex snapped a screenshot before it was kicked in the face with traffic. You can test FlapMMO.com if you wish, but for now it’s out of commission.

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