Flappy Bird developer considers reissue with disclaimer

In his home town of Hanoi, Vietnam, Flappy Bird developer Dong Nguyen has this week suggested that he may – possibly – bring the app back from the dead. While there are tens of (if not a hundred, at this point) Flappy Bird replacement apps out in the wild, this creator of the heavily addicting game hasn't (until now) suggested he'd be doing anything other than keeping the app off the store for good. It was, after all, a takedown born of angst and woe.

Nguyen suggests that he's happy with his life now as he speaks with Rolling Stone editor David Kushner, and developing apps other than Flappy Bird could be enough for him for the future. Even if they don't take on the same popularity as his most massive title, Nguyen suggests his future apps are good enough for him.

While he's working on three apps at the moment, the possibility of releasing Flappy Bird again has come up with Nguyen – even if it's just in passing. With Checkonaut, Kitty Jetpack, and a game without a name made to be a cowboy-themed shooter all in the works, Nguyen still has Flappy Bird on his mind.

Though he's been offered cash from more than one source already, Nguyen says he'll never sell Flappy Bird. Instead, he says, "I can't go back to my life before, but I'm good now." Speaking also on how it felt to take the game down from app stores for Android and Apple devices, he simply said that he felt "relief."

As for a reissue of Flappy Bird, Nguyen said "I'm considering it." He went on to say that if the game ever did come back, it's have a "warning" that simply states "Please take a break."