Fitting Blomkamp, Scott's Prometheus 2 in the ALIEN timeline

It may be time to make good on the (seemingly empty) promise made by Niell Blomkamp several weeks ago about a new ALIEN film. This film was originally set some time after the second ALIEN film – ALIENS. Now we're to understand that Blomkamp's attachment to such a picture may have been cut short due to a reassignment that MAY have been in the works for some time. Word from Blomkamp himself this week suggests that he's attached to a new ALIEN picture, this one likely set after the first Prometheus film.

Prometheus was directed by Ridley Scott. Scott also directed the first ALIEN film and nearly directed the second. It was many, many years between the first ALIEN film and Prometheus, and they certainly went down different paths.

But they're in the same universe.

The relatively open ending for Prometheus leaves us with a fine opportunity to continue exploring this environment. Blomkamp's confirmation that this is indeed a "#ALIEN" project suggests we'll see these creatures again in the near future.

Word from Deadline is that Ridley Scott is ALSO attached, this time as a producer. This means the film will be grand, but it won't be like any ALIEN film we've seen before.

Niell Blomkamp's vision for an ALIEN film – as we saw it before – took on a dark tone, but this time with a very clear connection between the space jockeys and humans.

There's even a scene where the derelict ship is seen being analyzed in a human docking station – like no big deal!

Whether or not Sigourney Weaver will be in the film as Ellen Ripley, one of the greatest protagonists of all time, is another question entirely.

Just because she appears in these early illustrations made the LAST time Blomkamp was attached to an ALIEN film doesn't mean she's back for another round. That'd place us in a very, very strange place in the overall timeline of these films, anyway.

Unless we're talking going back to right after ALIEN Resurrection was done.

ALIEN Resurrection took place in the year 2379. The USCSS Prometheus landed on the planet LV-233 on Christmas Day, December of 2093.

2093 – Prometheus lands, events of PROMETHEUS occur2122 – USCSS Nostromo receives distress (warning) signal, events of ALIEN occur2179 – Shuttlecraft Narcissus is discovered with Ripley aboard, events of ALIENS occur2179 – Same year! Emergency Evacuation Vehicle (EEV) unit 2650 crashes on Fiorina "Fury" 161, events of ALIEN 3 occur2379 – Doctors under General Perez successfully create a clone of Ellen Ripley on their eighth attempt, events of ALIEN RESURRECTION occur.

When would this new film occur?

Between the time the Prometheus takes off – 2091 – and the time the Prometheus lands on LV-233, Ellen Ripley is born (2092).

Stuff starting to line up?

Or is it all just coincidental dating?

Our best guess for another Prometheus film would have the team attacking the time well into the future – far beyond 2379 – watching our friends from Prometheus find what they were looking for.

Such a far-out concept as visiting another alien world so foreign from our own wasn't something a film studio would fund 30 years ago. Today, with films like Guardians of the Galaxy bringing in massive amounts of cash? Anything is possible.