Fitbit for Windows Phone 8.1 confirmed

Chris Davies - Jun 13, 2014, 4:24pm CDT
Fitbit for Windows Phone 8.1 confirmed

Fitbit is cooking up a Windows Phone 8.1 app, the wearable health band company has confirmed, bringing support for the popular tracker to Microsoft’s smartphone platform. News of the app was confirmed by Fitbit on the company’s official product forums, after would-be users were vocal in their demands for a version.

Unfortunately, beyond the news that the app is, indeed, being worked on, details are scant. There’s no sign of a release timescale, nor which features – if not all – will be carried over from the iOS and Android versions.

Still, it’s not hard to imagine Fitbit taking advantage of the Windows Phone Live Tiles to give easily-consumed status updates of how far users are to their goal. On Android, for instance, there’s a companion Fitbit widget that does the same, showing progress without requiring that the app itself be opened.

The wearables market has been tipped for big things in 2014 and beyond, while research suggests that Fitbit is the most popular of the activity trackers. It’s not been entirely smooth sailing, however: the company’s most recent model, the Fitbit Force, was besieged with complaints about skin irritation.

In fact, Fitbit is believed to have received around 10,000 complaints from Force wearers that their wrists showed an adverse reaction to the rubber strap. The company yanked the wearable from store shelves and offered owners a full refund as a result, and is yet to release an updated model.

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