Fisker Twitter account hacked by diet aficionados

It's happened again, folks. Another verified Twitter account was hacked this week, the latest victim being automobile manufacturer Fisker, who's Twitter account was hacked by what seems to be a group of diet and exercise fiends, or just a couple of hackers wanting to post some spam. Either way, this marks the fourth time that a verified Twitter account has been hacked this week alone.

Previously, Top Gear star Jeremy Clarkson was hacked on Monday by what appears to be the same hackers as today. Burger King and Jeep were also hacked earlier this week, making today's Fisker hack the third automotive-related Twitter hack this week. We're not sure what exactly is going on, but there's a Twitter hacking spree going around, that's for sure.

Fisker's Twitter page has been brought back to normal, with the company addressing the hack, saying that "the fans and followers of Fiskerauto don't need to lose weight" in a recent tweet. Today's hack doesn't appear to be linked to Burger King's or Jeep's hack, though, which saw both Twitter pages with changes to the branding.

Twitter has addressed its hacking problem in the past, and they've been sending out friendly reminders to its users to change their password every once in a while to avoid being hacked. However, there's only so much they can do really. Sure, they could hire a work force of security engineers, but it seems hackers will always figure out a way in.

[via Jalopnik]