Burger King Twitter account hacked to show McDonald's superiority [UPDATE]

Hacking into systems and servers to play some harmless pranks isn't anything new, but today Burger King's official Twitter account was breached and the hackers appeared to be die-hard McDonald's fans, because they ended up changing the page's branding to the McDonald's logo and name, and mentioned that Burger King "just got sold to McDonald's because the Whopper flopped."

Burger King's Twitter account, which has almost 90,000 followers, was made to look like McDonald's own Twitter feed, with a McDonald's logo and all. The only difference was that the username remained unchanged. Many of the tweets beared the hashtag "#DFNCTSC", which seem to suggest that the hackers behind this comical trick are a part of the Defonic Team Screen Name Club, who are best known for hacking into Paris Hilton's phone.

The hackers continued to tweet for 30 minutes before the account was finally suspended for the time being. Tweets were filled with text, photos, and videos that made fun of Burger King and its employees, including a couple of tweets mentioning employees doing drugs in the bathroom. The rest of the tweets were pretty random and some didn't really make sense.

Twitter has recently been a huge target for hackers, with over 250,000 passwords leaked from a hacker who broke into the service's servers. This also isn't the first time that verified accounts, and popular Twitter users have been targeted. Major League Baseball was recently hacked, as well as the New York Yankees account, which made fun of Derek Jeter.

UPDATE: We've received some stats about the hacking from Unmetric regarding the Twitter account. The number of followers that the account gained jumped from 83,000 to 110,000 within 60 minutes, and the hackers sent a total of 55 tweets before the account was eventually suspended, 33 of which were either replies or retweets. McDonald's also chimed in on the Burger King hack, assuring users that they had nothing to do with the fiasco.

[via ABC News]