Jeep Twitter account hacked, taken over by Cadillac fanboys

In what we can only assume is a replay from yesterday, Jeep's Twitter account was hacked and much of the branding was changed over to Cadillac logos and images, mentioning that Cadillac has acquired Jeep, although that couldn't be further from the truth. We're guessing it's the same hackers behind yesterday's Burger King/McDonald's Twitter hack.

Many of the tweets are also similar to what we saw yesterday, mainly dealing with the superiority of Cadillac over Jeep, mixed in with some incoherent language and hashtags. The background was also changed to a McDonald's-laden blinged-out car, pretty much confirming that it's the same hacking group that we saw yesterday, due to the McDonald's reference.

If it is the same group, then the Defonic Team Screen Name Club are the ones behind today's Twitter hack. The group is best known for hacking into Paris Hilton's phone a while back. Of course, Jeep is gaining hundreds of new followers by the minute, similar to how Burger King's following grew by 30,000 users in about an hour's time.

Jeep's Twitter account hasn't been suspended, unlike Burger King's account, and it seems things are back to normal. Jeep's head of brand communications Todd Goyer says that the company is "aware of the issue and are working to resolve it as quickly as possible." Most of the branding is back to normal and all of the irrelevant tweets have been deleted.