Fisker Karma Lux Hybrid Car Ships to Leonardo Di Caprio First, then Al Gore and Colin Powell

It's funny how a fantastic car such at the Fisker Karma, a luxury $100,000 USD hybrid car, won't get nearly the press it deserves until a celebrity buys one. Turns out several celebrities are about to get their hands on this massively excellent range-extended four-door performance car soon. The last time we mentioned this vehicle, Rue intuitively mentioned that Di Caprio might be a good mark for an early purchase – turns out she may be psychic.

This plug-in car started production on March 21st and is on its way to the first new owners at this very minute. The person reportedly set to get the first car off the line is none other than Leonardo Di Caprio of course, followed soon after by Al Gore and Colin Powell. Apparently right around five cars a week have been produced since the start of the manufacturing process. Fisker himself, selling this car out until early 2012 at $100,000 USD per, had the following to say about the project:

"Our sales are split 50:50 between early-adopting car enthusiasts and total non-car enthusiasts who just like that we are bringing something totally new to market. They recognize the infrastructure isn't there for electric cars, and see we offer a stylish, stress-free alternative with no range compromises." – Fisker

Starting in November of this year, production will have risen to 300 units a week, and again all 3,000 pre-orders have already been filled at this time. Furthermore, convertible and shooting-brake versions of the auto will reportedly be produced in time as well, the shooting-brake version to be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. A lower-cost $50k USD hybrid vehicle from Fisker is also in the works, to be made in the same three bodystyle variations and called "Project Nina."

[via AutoBlog]