First Optimus Maximus hits eBay

Chris Davies - Jan 29, 2008

As expected, the first Optimus Maximus hit eBay, and with an official sticker price of around $1,500 if you’re looking to buy one from Art Lebedev, one can only imagine how much the seller here is expecting.  The keyboard is presumably from the first batch which quickly sold out, and is being offered with free shipping “so that you can impress your friends before you start to suffer from buyers remorse”


Having suffered many taunts and criticisms describing the project as vaporware, Art Lebedev finally showed the public a working Maximus keyboard – in which all the keys are in fact tiny OLED screens, capable of displaying any character or shortcut – first at the Wired Store in NYC, then at a well-visited stand at CES 2008.

The auction ends on February 4th, and at this early stage, as I write, the bids are a reasonable $5.50.

[Thanks Allan!]

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