Firefox Home for iPhone & iPod touch hits App Store

Chris Davies - Jul 16, 2010
Firefox Home for iPhone & iPod touch hits App Store

The cynic might say that Mozilla heavily previewed their Firefox Home app for iOS back in May so that, should Apple reject it, they could make a huge song and dance of it.  Happily that won’t be necessary, since Apple’s App Store guardians have approved the browser companion app for iPhone and iPod touch.  The concept is a little confusing at first glance: Firefox Home isn’t a standalone browser, instead using Firefox Sync to bring your browsing history, bookmarks and open tabs from the desktop to your mobile device.

Firefox Home pulls over the past pages history from the desktop from the last 24hrs, up to 2,000 items, with data re-synced every time the app is restarted.  As for actually showing pages, it uses Apple’s own iPhone browser system (or you can open pages in Mobile Safari); Mozilla insist they have no plans to port Firefox to iOS because of the limits Apple place on the platform.

You can download Firefox Home for iOS here [iTunes link].  Full instructions on how to set up the app – including linking it with Firefox Sync and your desktop browser – are here.

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