Firefox Home for iPhone: a mobile window on your desktop browser [Video]

Mozilla have announced the development of Firefox Home for iPhone, a way to use the synchronization capabilities of Firefox Sync that will pull in bookmarks from the desktop.  Not quite a full browser in its own right – Mozilla say that's down to "constraints with the OS environment and distribution" - what might make Firefox Home for iPhone useful for many is its tight integration with what's going on in its desktop browser.Video demo after the cut

For instance, Mozilla have added sync support across the desktop and mobile versions, which means that you can re-open the desktop tabs on the mobile app.  You can also use the same "Awesome Bar" as on the desktop app to pull in auto-complete results on the mobile client; that should also save you from tapping in long URLs on an iPhone keyboard, since if you've visited the page on the desktop it will pull that in too.

Pages will load in the app itself, but it will be a read-only viewer rather than a complete browser; the mobile version of your desktop, rather than a standalone app in its own right.  Mozilla plan to submit Firefox Home for iPhone to Apple for App Store approval in June.