Fire OS 3.1 software update hits Kindle Fire HDX and HD

This week the folks at Amazon have released the first big update to their mobile operating system since the new wave of Kindle devices in Fire OS 3.1. This version of the OS is – as always – based in Android, but modified to make itself wholly Amazon-friendly. This update brings on new deep integration with Goodreads, Second Screen, and Cloud Collections for starters.

With this update you'll find the ability to work with Second Screen abilities with the PlayStation 3 and a selection of Samsung TVs while the PlayStation 4 will work with the system later this year. This Second Screen ability allows you to "fling" TV shows and movies to your big-screen TV while you use the tablet for items like X-Ray. With X-Ray, you'll get information about the program you're watching on the TV as you watch it!

Have a peek at our Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 and HDX 7 reviews right this minute for more information on the hardware.

New connectivity with Goodreads means you'll no longer need to close a book to open up the wealth of information provided in the Goodreads app. Here you've got Goodreads information inside the books you read straight from Amazon. Goodreads allow you to capture and share favorite quotes from your book, rate and review books immediately after finishing them, and important all of your Amazon books into a Goodreads account with a tap. This update also brings on connections with other Goodreads friends you've already had in the Goodreads app, here allowing you to add books to your want-to-read shelf and purchase them from Amazon in one big connected family.

Cloud Collections arrives in Fire OS 3.1 allowing you to have easy and instant access to your full Amazon set of reading materials and apps no matter which device you're on. This is done with Amazon's Whispersync technology and allows your full Kindle device collection to act as one.

This update also brings BYOD (bring your own device) and enterprise support in the form of connectivity to secure enterprise wi-fi networks. You'll be able to connect with SharePoint, native VPN clients, and a native SCEP client for full interaction at work. This update also bring support for Kerberos authentication and new Kindle-specific device management APIs so that IT departments can quickly integrate the device with MDM systems.

You'll now be able to wirelessly print photos, PDFs, emails, contacts, calendar items, and docs with Fire OS 3.1. You'll be able to free up space on your device with a new "1-tap" system that kicks rarely used back into the cloud so you can access them later. You'll be able to roll with voice dictation in this update as well – offline support with US English, online support for all languages otherwise.

Stick around and wait for the update on your Kindle Fire device today – it'll be rolling out across the nation starting this morning!