Final Fantasy VII released to iOS today with one big oddity

Today Final Fantasy VII hits the mobile platform with Square Enix' release on both iPhone and iPad. This game will be joined – sooner or later – by a new mobile app "Final Fantasy Portal". While a mash-up of the Valve-made classic first-person title and the classic RPG might seem like a dream made in fairyland, this app is instead a portal for all things Final Fantasy – card games and all. While this version of Final Fantasy VII (or Final Fantasy 7, if you prefer), is similar to the original, it includes just a few odd changes that make it a whole different experience.

The one big change in this game – besides the graphics quality, of course – is the fact that you can turn OFF random encounters. One of the staples of Final Fantasy games from this era was the random encounter with enemies. Now you can just... skip that whole part of the game. As if you wouldn't find a ratatat in the grass once you leave town for the first time!

If you're especially antsy about the release, head over to the fabulous creation known as Final Fantasy VII Re-imagined where you'll see the game transformed into a side-scroller. Just what the doctor ordered.

While some users will find this game released to the Apple Store this afternoon, others will need to wait until this evening. Stick around the Square Enix app store section to see when it'll be popping up.

Or you could just do the reasonable thing and download Final Fantasy Tactics instead!