FFVII: Re-imagined reimagines RPG into 2D side scroller

While we patiently, very patiently, wait for the real, official, and final re-imagined and remastered version of Final Fantasy VII, we can while away the days, weeks, months, and maybe even years, with fan-fueled creativity. Or perhaps travesty for some. Bored with the low poly 3D of the original Final Fantasy VII title? Does the full 3D Advent Children film have you drooling for things yet to come? Why not distract yourself with this Re-imagined version that transforms the 3D JRPG into a 2D side scrolling fighting game like Contra of old.

In this browser game, you get to either swing your giant sword or punch your enemies to submission, as you can only play as Cloud or Tifa, with Barret's cybernetic gatling arm reserved for occasional "fire support". You can even play as both at the same time in co-op mode, if you have a controller in addition to a keyboard. As for the goal, well there really isn't any yet, as it is just a single level demo.

The game looks quite good and polished for a fan made game. The graphics are crisp and clear and does justice to the characters. There's materia for magic though not exactly how you'd expect it to work. And what kind of Final Fantasy game would it be if it didn't have guardians to summon.

FFVII: Re-imagined is playable as a browser game but does requires the Unity plugin to work. Alternatively, there is also a Windows executable available for direct download.

SOURCE: FFVII: Re-imagined

VIA: Kotaku