FiLIP smartwatch keeps your kids tracked and chatting

Chris Burns - Oct 7, 2013
FiLIP smartwatch keeps your kids tracked and chatting

So you’d like to track your child’s whereabouts without surgically inserting a GPS chip into their neck, would you? You’re in luck – there’s a device out there by the name of FiLIP, and the team at AT&T have decided to bring it to their realm of devices. You’ll find this machine to take on the form of a smartwatch, bringing on GPS and Wi-Fi triangulated location feedback for you to your smartphone. All you’ve got to do is figure out a way to make your kid wear it 24 hours a day.

This equation starts with your child wearing the FiLIP smartwatch. Once you’ve got that established, it moves on to the smartphone app. This app allows you to set Safe Zones, track your child’s location extremely accurately, and communicate with the child with voice calling to and from the watch. In other words – this watch will work with AT&T voice calling and will be billed as such.


At the moment, AT&T has not come forward with pricing or cost details for the device itself. They have made it clear that this device is essentially ready to go here in the USA as it was granted FCC certification back in July of this year, and we will likely see FiLIP in stores “in the coming months”, as it were.


FiLIP will be working with a set number of contacts – you, your significant other, and a couple of friends, if you wish. These contacts will be able to work with direct messaging and voice calling with the FiLIP smartwatch device, and you’ll be able to keep an eye on your child either inside or leaving their designated Safe Zones.


As this device does appear to be working with voice calling completely separate from the smartphone itself, we wouldn’t be surprised if functionality took on a life of its own – herein may be the simplest Dick Tracy watch of them all. We’ll see soon!

For a slightly more do-it-all smartwatch you may want to have a peek at the Omate TrueSmart, bringing on SIM connectivity and a camera along with Android, too. Samsung has just released their Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch as well – tethered to your smartphone from start to finish.

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