FIfteen display MMOG gaming rig allows for massive multiplay [Video]

You might remember an EVE multibox hack from mid-2010 which allowed one arguably-too-dedicated gamer play as up to fourteen characters simultaneously, while still skating on the allowed side of the MMOG's rules. Now Zhek Kromtor is back with a new game and an even more crazy setup: fifteen suspended monitors playing browser-based MMO Nodiatis as fifteen different characters.Video after the cut

The fifteen Samsung LCDs – which Kromtor says were bought with $10,000 a family member won on a lottery ticket – are suspended from the ceiling with monofilament wire and each run at 1920 x 1080 resolution. They're hooked up to eight computers for a total of 34 3GHz+ cores with 48GB of RAM, all using SSDs.

No sign of the low-tech multiplayer controls Kromtor rigged up for his EVE play – which included multiple mice stuck together, with lengths of dowel to press multiple buttons simultaneously – but we assume they're somewhere to be found too. More details in the videos below.

[Thanks Jared!]