EVE multiboxing rig skirts gaming rules with complex controllers

Naively we thought multiplayer gaming meant you and lots of other people all over the world coming together to play simultaneously, but Zhek Kromtor's multiboxing rig takes a slightly different approach.  Intended to allow him to log into the EVE virtual world as twelve separate characters, the convoluted system – which has multiple mice and keyboards, all stuck together with dowels – is intended to get around EVE's block on so-called software multiboxing, where keyboard/mouse sharing apps are used to speedily control multiple characters.

EVE will block you if they think you're using software macros to give yourself an unfair advantage, and it seems software multiboxing is also a bannable offence too.  What is allowed, however, is multiple PCs, each with their own controls, that the nimble-handed gamer can attempt to wrangle all at once.

We can't help but think it looks like it would take some of the fun out of the game, but this is obviously how Kromtor enjoys his EVE and we bet he gets an almost equal pleasure out of setting up the complicated control systems and knowing he's still skirting the rules.  Perhaps more useful to the rest of us is the rear shot of his multi-monitor setup, which uses bent conduit pipe rather than expensive mounts, and could be a useful tip for anyone wanting a budget way to suspend their LCDs.

[via technabob]