Far Cry 6 trailer shows Dani Rojas, Gameplay in effect

Today we get our first real look at Far Cry 6 and the contents of this visually spectacular line of video games. What we're seeing here is a bit divisive, as some of the graphics look rough, and others look magnificent. In any case, given the track record of the game series, it's difficult to imagine this won't be a game worth the cash it'll cost to own.

First take a peek at the Far Cry 6: Character Trailer for Dani Rojas. This is the North American version of the trailer and it'll take you approximately 2 minutes to watch, without the extra bits at the end. Make sure your device is capable of displaying this device at its full 4K resolution – you might need a PC rather than a smartphone.

Next take a peek at the Far Cry 6 Worldwide Gameplay Reveal. This is a trailer, of sorts, with what Ubisoft suggests is a bit of final game gameplay action. Since this was originally a scheduled countdown-to-event video on YouTube, you may need to fast-forward.

The action begins at around 29:10. This video is slightly different than the last, as it's not yet available in full 4K. Still, make sure you're watching in 1080P Full HD, here, or you'll be seeing a significantly lower-quality presentation than what'll (hopefully) be minimal for the game this October.

The game Far Cry 6 is currently expected to be released on October 7, 2021. This game is set to be released on the PC through the standard Ubisoft means, as well as on Xbox One and Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. We SHOULD also see this game available at launch on Amazon Luna and Google Stadia – but we shall see!

Remember back in June of 2020 when the first leaks of this game were discovered? That first leak suggested we'd see this game on February 18, 2021. As it is with basically every major release scheduled for any time over the past year, things changed!