Fallout Shelter expected to hit Android in August

Fallout Shelter, the hit mobile game that ties-in with the forthcoming Fallout 4, was first released a few weeks ago on iOS. The free app has since reached the tops of both the App Store's most downloaded, and top grossing, due to the in-app purchases. When Shelter was first revealed at E3, alongside Fallout 4, developers Bethesda mentioned that it was coming to Android too, but there's been no timeframe for its release. Fortunately, one Bethesda employee has taken to Twitter to narrow down the window for fans.

One fan tweeted to Bethesda's Pete Hines, asking about the progress of Fallout Shelter for Android. Hines responded, saying there was still no confirmed date, but that they are planning for sometime in August.

Keep in mind this isn't official, as it was still only a post on Twitter. But hopefully it will be accurate and Android users can get in on the mobile Fallout fun. Otherwise the wait until Fallout 4's November 10th release will be even longer.

Fallout Shelter is bit like a Sims game, putting players in control of their own underground Vault in Fallout's post-apocalypse world. Players need to protect their community of dwellers, giving them jobs and ranking up abilities. They can even venture out into the wastelands, but must also be ready to stop threats that make their way into the Vault.

SOURCE Pete Hines/Twitter

VIA Android Authority