Fall Guys players get free stuff after launch week server woes

At this point, it's clear that Fall Guys is a very popular game. Not only is it inescapable on streaming sites like Twitch, but for the game's first week following release, the servers often buckled under the sheer number of players trying to find a match. Those who contended with spotty servers throughout the first week are getting some goodies today, which are offered on the house as an apology from the developers.

Over on Twitter, Fall Guys developer Mediatonic reveals what players will be getting. The first free item is a Legendary Prickles cactus costume, which is actually based on a winning entry from Mediatonic's "Make A Fall Guys" contest. In addition to the costume, players will getting 5,000 kudos that can be spent on skins and other cosmetics from the shop.

These freebies will be available to everyone who has logged into the game at least once before midnight tonight, so if you've had your eye on Fall Guys but haven't taken the plunge yet, it sounds like you can pick it up today and still get these bonuses.

Fall Guys is definitely off to a strong start, but in our review of the game, we wondered if it has the staying power of other battle royale titles. At its core, Fall Guys is a party game and those aren't often very deep, but if developer Mediatonic can commit to releasing new stages regularly, it may keep interest in the game high.

Mediatonic is already off to a good start on that front, yesterday releasing a new patch that added a popular stage from the beta. The company said more stages and costumes are on the way, so we'll keep an eye out for more information on those.