Fall Guys first update lands today with a new stage in tow

Fall Guys launched a little over a week ago, and already the game is getting its very first update. Most importantly, this update adds a new minigame to the rotation, and it's one that beta players will already be familiar with. Aside from the new stage, this update seems like a relatively small one, which makes sense considering the game has only been out for a week at this point.

In any case, the new minigame joining the rotation today is Jump Showdown, which was featured in the beta but absent from Fall Guys' live servers at launch. In Jump Showdown, you'll be doing your best to stay on a circular platform as you dodge a pair of rotating bars. Segments of the platform will drop off as the game progresses, making staying out of the slime a more difficult proposition in the minigame's later stages.

The rest of the patch notes were actually published to Twitter in a multi-tweet thread, which is something we don't see very often. Standout fixes and new features include some changes to weighting in Royal Fumble as a way of adding "more final round variation." We'll also see improvements to messaging for matchmaking and server errors, so when you fail to find a match, at least those should do a better job of telling you why.

Mediatonic has also fixed an issue that prevented some players from grabbing the crown in Fall Mountain, which will be a big relief to anyone who has lost a game that way. It seems that we'll be able to see our usernames in-game once again too, as the patch notes say that Mediatonic has addressed "some special characters causing display issues in player names."

So, as we said above, this is a relatively small patch, but Mediatonic promises more is around the corner. Specifically, we'll see the company add new stages and costumes soon, so we'll keep an eye out for more information and let you know when a new patch is inbound.