Facebook's Security Checkup tool officially launched

Facebook has pushed out privacy and security checkups over recent months to encourage users to check up on their settings and, if applicable, make changes that improve both. Today the social network has announced the official launch of its Security Checkup tool, which allows users to adjust the security settings on their account. Users will see it as a "Stay Secure on Facebook" box at the top of their newsfeed — it can be dismissed if you're really not concerned, but going through it is advised.

Facebook says it is important that its users feel secure, and that Security Checkup will help facilitate that goal. Click "Get Started" and that will pull up the checkup tool, which presents data in card-like windows that aggregates Facebook's various security features: users are shown how to log out devices, set up login alerts for when new devices log in, strengthen one's password, and more.

If this sounds familiar, it is because you may have seen it in the past couple of months — the social network started testing it back in late May. That test, however, followed a previous and similar tool that revolved around privacy settings rather than security settings.

The security checkup includes three steps, and shouldn't take more than a couple minutes. Those who have been careful about maintaining their account security will be familiar with all the features, and likely will already have them set as desired — for everyone else, though, it is a simple and fast way to make sure ne'erdowells stay out.

SOURCE: Facebook