Facebook is testing new Security Checkup tool

On Wednesday Facebook announced that it is testing a new security checkup tool, something that is akin to the previous privacy checkup tool that users were seeing. Facebook has been criticized in the past for what some think are lax security measures, or then-convoluted menus that made finding security settings difficult for some. These changes bring the security settings directly to the user's eyes, and makes them go through a quick checkup that ensures all the settings are as desired.

With the privacy checkup tool that came out in the past, users were presented with a pop-up that took users quickly through the different menu options, forcing them to evaluate them and understand what each does. By the looks of it, the security checkup tool works largely in the same way.

Through this checkup tool, users are given the ability to adjust their login alerts, change their password, remove any no longer needed login sessions, and more using one-by-one on screen prompts. The end result is, hopefully, a clearer understanding of the settings and assurance that all is set as desired.

This is only a test at this point, and so you might not see the checkup tool at all. The regions in which it has been introduced weren't detailed, and there's no word at this point on whether it'll become a more widely available tool or if it will only be presented to infrequent users.

SOURCE: Facebook