Facebook To Launch Music Service On September 22

Facebook's long rumored music service may finally hit the social platform later next month. We reported back in June, that the music service could launch at the company's f8 developer conference, and now a new report from CNBC's Jon Fortt further confirms that the service will indeed be unveiled during the event on September 22.

Rumors first pegged Facebook to be partnering with Spotify, but sources later suggested that the partnership would not be exclusive. Instead, the platform would integrate many partners, possibly including MOG, Rdio, Pandora, Last.fm, and other popular music streaming services. In this way, users can listen to music through any one of the multiple partner services while logged in via Facebook Connect.

It's also believed that Facebook will use a "Music Dashboard" that will work with a persistent play/pause music control button that will appear at the bottom of the screen near the Facebook Chat icon. The Music Dashboard will keep a summary of all the songs you listened to on each service and fill flag up any songs that your friends have recently listened to.

A persistent "happening now" ticker is also a possible feature of Facebook's music service. The ticker will appear in the upper right corner of the screen and displays current playback information for you and your friends as well as other status updates.

Facebook has become more aggressive in pushing out new features after Google+ hit the scene. The social network announced an integrated Skype video chatting feature back in July and more recently launched a standalone app called Facebook Messenger.