Facebook Stories curates the best of sharing

Facebook has launched a new site to collate themed stories, magazine-style, allowing members to chronicle their timeline content and then see infographics of the most commonly shared memories. Facebook Stories kicks off today with a "Remembering" theme and timelines submitted by the social network's own staff, but from now on individual users will also be able to create their own.

Not all individual creations will be put on display prominently, however. Facebook will be selecting the best of those submitted to feature on the site's homepage, and then at the end of the month the site will create an infographic related to that month's theme.

For the launch, the infographic is titles "Biggest Life Moments from Timelines," and looks at which stories are shared the most. Strangely – given most people have complained about excessive baby photos at least once - Facebook walls filled with gurning offspring isn't the most common type of sharing; in fact, it's travel, followed by people mentioning they have moved.

Facebook will also be introducing other elements of Stories, again tied to the monthly theme. The Bookshelf will have a list of related books for suggested reading, while The Playlist will use Spotify integration to sample different genres of curated music. The Reading List, finally, will be put together from famous sources of writing, such as The New Yorker.

[via ABC]