Facebook News Feed update's privacy changes: the one

This week the Facebook developer team revealed a series of changes (read: feature additions) to their News Feed that'll allow you to see a much more simplistic and aesthetically beautiful vision of what your friends, associates, and likeables are sharing. The immediate reaction from many will be that this, like so many Facebook updates before, will once again adversely affect what the easily startled call their "online privacy." In fact this newest change only changes one thing for those of you that want to remain as "private" as you were before – the location of the Privacy Settings button.

If you clicked that Privacy Settings button a whole lot in the past, you'll know that it appeared in the upper right-hand corner of your Facebook user interface up until now. After the change-over to the newest update to your News Feed, the same access to said controls will be appearing on the left of your layout. The left of your layout is now similar to what we've seen in the past on mobile versions of Facebook, complete with a collection of inside-Facebook apps.

Up top of this list on the right (still inside the left-side panel), you'll find a tiny padlock icon. This icon links you to your Privacy Settings the same as the link did before today. The new features this week – outlined in our handy guide: SlashGear 101: this week's Facebook News Feed redesign – does not open up any new doors to terrifying changes the likes of which would rip your eyes out and tear your body asunder. The only thing you should still be watching for is the wider update to Graph Search for all.

If you'd like to see how Graph Search in Facebook is affecting how you are able to be searched in the largest Social Network of all, head back to our Graph Search update guide as well as the Facebook Privacy Guarantee posted immediately after Graph Search was revealed. There you'll find out why if you've liked both "Vegitarianism" and "Cheeseburgers", you're going to be coming up as a weird friend to your friends rather soon. Seeya then!