Facebook Main News Feed Sponsored Links begin to appear

This week Facebook has begun to fully implement their long-planned set of Sponsored Links in users main news feeds globally. This update takes advertisements generally reserved for the righthand-side of user layouts and places them front and center for major click-ready power. This upgrade is sure to drive up contention between Facebook and its masses of users because of how users have trained themselves to see the site's layout thus far.

This update thus far has been reported by users to SlashGear as linking only to sites within Facebook thus far. One example is shown above as the film Men in Black III links to an image on Facebook first, and a Facebook page for Sony Pictures Ticketing App on Facebook second. This is just the newest method for Facebook to grab advertising cash as they enter the second full week of their Initial Public Offering with NASDAQ.

Have a peek below at all of our IPO news for Facebook and let us know how you feel about in-stream advertising from Facebook. If you've not seen these types of ads on Facebook yet, expect them over the weekend. If you have seen them already, let us know if you've clicked them, hid them, or simply ignored them when you've seen them.