Facebook Instagram alternative gets new name: Camera•

Facebook has renamed its Camera app for iPhone, tweaking the title so as to cause less homescreen confusion by bizarrely adding a bullet point and calling it Camera•. A new version of the app dropped earlier today, v1.0.2, complete with the new screen name, more reliable photo uploads to your Facebook galleries, and boosted performance when location services are disabled.

There are also various bugfixes, along with better explanations around location services access. Facebook has also integrated the Help Center into the app, just in case you're still confused.

As before, you can upload batches of photos in one go, and add custom effects to them, Instagram-style. The photo filtering favorite is worth mentioning, too, as Facebook owns it as well having snatched it up for $1bn earlier in the year.

Exactly what will happen to the two apps coexisting remains to be seen, though Mark Zuckerberg has said that he does not intend to shut down Instagram or indeed limit its sharing options solely to Facebook. You can download Camera• for free from the App Store [iTunes link].

[via TNW]