Facebook Home for Android: here's how you get it

This week Facebook Home has been revealed by the company as a Home Screen Replacement app for Android. This update takes on Android as a sort of cover for your Android device – any Android device – as an app available on Google Play. You'll be able to take a peek at this app starting on April 12th and updates will be available each month afterward on-the-day each month without fail.

This app will be available to you through the Google Play app store and will be linked from the Facebook App right out of the box once it's available. All you'll need to go to get this app is to download it and load it. It's just that simple.

1A. Go to your Facebook app and connect to the Google Play store with the link that pops up on the app starting April 12th.

1B. Go to Google Play and look up "Facebook Home" to grab the app (also starting April 12th.)

2. Download the app.

3. Hit your home button.

4. You'll be asked if you want to use your regular launcher or Home – use Home!

5. You've got Facebook's Home!

Facebook also has a http://www.facebook.com/home page set up that we'll be watching like a hawk for any changes – cool beans!

Have a peek at the software through our collection of updates from today and get pumped up about our hands-on look in just a bit. Make sure you're ready to see the Facebook Home Program as well – a set of guidelines made for those that want to work with Facebook Home right out of the box.

Have a peek at our Android Hub and the timeline below for more information as well!