Facebook employees forced to use Android app until it's better

Most Android users will tell you in a heartbeat that the Facebook app for their OS of choice isn't quite up to par. In fact, it can pretty much be classified as terrible, while the iOS version provides an example of what the Android app should be. Facebook knows this, and as a result, it has started forcing its employees to use the Android app in an attempt to bring it up to snuff.

Apparently, this forced use of the Android app will continue until the app has been fixed too. This hasn't been confirmed by Facebook – Business Insider has spoken to a "handful of ex-Facebookers and others familiar with Facebook's plans" – but it wouldn't surprise us if it ended up being true. After all, there really isn't any denying that the Android app could use some work, and one of the best ways to inspire Facebook's developers to fix it quickly would be to force them to use it while working.

If this is true, then it probably means that we can stop expecting updates to the iOS app for a while. That should be okay, seeing as how the iOS app is already pretty solid, not to mention the fact that it was just updated yesterday. It also means that we can expect the Android app to get updated quickly, because if Facebook's developers are being forced to use it, you can bet that they'll be working on getting an update out to door fast so they can stop using a sub-par version of the app as soon as possible.

This is bound to make Android users very happy, because the Facebook app for Android has been in a pretty sad state for a while now. Some were thinking that an update was never going to come, and it sounds like that may have been the case if Facebook hadn't forced developers to begin using Android phones and leaving their iPhones at home. Hopefully we'll be finding out soon if these rumors are true, so keep it tuned here to SlashGear for more information.