Facebook Color Scheme Scam returns: don't be fooled

There's a malicious group of tricksters out there this week with the same game as they've had for several years. They suggest you'll be able to change the color and/or layout of your Facebook homepage, you agree to their terms, and they steal your information. We implore you to let all of your Facebook friends know – DO NOT FALL FOR THIS TRICK.

The scam works with some surprisingly simple steals. It begins with a URL which reads as follows – we're reproducing it here as an image so you do NOT follow it. If you do see this URL anywhere, do not click it. It's owned by a group of individuals who regularly switch its aim to a variety of phishing sites with aims to take your online identity and potentially spread further links through you.

So here's what you're going to need to do. Follow these directions – they're super simple.

1. Realize there's no way to customize your Facebook with an app.

2. Do not click any link which suggests otherwise.

3. Even if the link suggests it's heading toward an Official Facebook Page – don't trust it.

NOTE: If you're looking for news on Facebook Messenger, we've got a whole special article on that as well: Yes, you DO want Facebook Messenger.

There is absolutely no friendly way to change the color of your Facebook. You can customize your page by adding your own header image and profile photo through your normal Facebook settings. That's it.

This scam has been spreading like wildfire this week. It's extremely simple to get pulled in and trampled upon. Tell your friends, tell your associates, and most importantly: tell your grandmother. She's been wanting an orange-themed Facebook for years.