Eyefi adds integration for Olympus and GoPro cameras

On Tuesday, Eyefi announced integration for Olympus cameras with WiFi and GoPro cameras. Those with a HERO or applicable Olympus digital camera will be able to use Eyefi to immediately transfer and organize their content along with any content taken with their smartphone when using the maker's Mobi WiFi SD card. This makes it faster to get content off the SD card and into an organized system for later access and use, and comes with some benefits like patterns and smart tags.

Those with one of the aforementioned cameras can now use the Mobi SD card to have their photos and videos instantly transferred to the Eyefi cloud service where they will be organized using so-called Smart Tags, which involves the software pinpointing aspects of a photo (like whether it was taken outside or indoors), and marking it as such.

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There's also a photo analysis feature called "Discover", which works by offering info about things like camera settings in the form of visuals. Photographers can see "snapshots" of their trends over time, such as your common exposure settings. This will aid in seeing one's own habits and preferences, and perhaps changing them up for a new style.

Eyefi's cloud service isn't free, but doesn't cost much either: $4.99 per month will get users access to Eyefi Cloud, and can be subscribed to via the Mobi mobile app. With it photos are uploaded, organized, and stored, and can be accessed on any device with Internet capabilities.

Present available for Android and coming to iOS soon.