Eye-Fi Pro X2 shipping today

How long does it take to get an 8GB memory card to the market?  If you're Eye-Fi, and the card is the WiFi 802.11n-toting Eye-Fi Pro X2, then it's a couple of months; the company has announced that its latest wireless-enabled memory card is shipping from today, promising faster transfer speeds and improved overall performance.

According to the Eye-Fi blog, that's all down to their new X2 engine, which bundles together a 200 MHz ARM926 processor with an MMU, dedicated flash and radio interface engines, and encryption acceleration hardware.  Combined, they're good for improved WiFi-triangulation geotagging accuracy and "Endless Memory", Eye-Fi's new system whereby images and video are automatically deleted from the X2 once the card has verified that they've been correctly uploaded to the server.

The Eye-Fi Pro X2 will also come with Eye-Fi Center, the newest version of the company's desktop manager app for PC and Mac.  Eye-Fi Center will also be available for existing Eye-Fi owners, though so far we can't find it to download on their site.  As for the Eye-Fi Pro X2, that's available for $149.99.