Eye-Fi Pro X2 packs 8GB, 802.11n, Endless Memory; new desktop manager app released

Eye-Fi have updated their top-spec Eye-Fi Pro WiFi memory card with WiFi b/g/n support and twice the storage.  The new Eye-Fi Pro X2 packs 8GB of flash memory, together with 802.11n along with a redesigned antenna, into a Class 6 SD card form-factor, offering significantly faster uploads for images and video.  The company have also used the Pro X2 to introduce Endless Memory, whereby once an image is confirmed uploaded to a user's gallery, it's automatically deleted from the Eye-Fi card to save space.

Endless Memory – which can be switched off – automatically starts deleting from the oldest saved image, and users can pre-select how much spare memory they'd like to have at any one time.  Since the Pro X2 checks with the gallery to make sure the image/video has transferred successfully, there's apparently no chance of accidental deletions.  Meanwhile, Eye-Fi have also revealed Eye-Fi Center – a free download for all users – which is a desktop version of the current web-app.  As well as streamlined control over gallery uploads, Eye-Fi Center will allow for the easy import of non-Eye-Fi images and video and their respective uploads too.

The Eye-Fi Pro X2 uses the latest version of the company's proprietary Arcturus chipset, and is one of the first such devices to fit 802.11n support into such a form-factor.  It also offers ad-hoc connectivity (i.e. direct to a WiFi-paired computer, rather than via a router), automatic geotagging and hotspot access.  It'll be available for preorder from today, priced at $149.99.