Excitebike is Real, Life-Size and Made From Legos

The digital realm is finding its place here in the real world all too often, if you ask us. From gadgets turning into tables, or using classic enemies as your next couch, it's happening enough that we're not even surprised to see the next iteration. We would be lying if we said this new addition didn't get us all excited to dig out our classic Nintendo and start playing some dirt bike action right now. This is a real Excitebike. As real as you get without an engine, and made from Legos, anyway.

No, you can't sit on the thing or drive it around, but as cool as this thing looks, why would you even want to? The bike is life-sized, though, and made entirely out of Legos. We wish that it had the same color scheme as the classic game, but we'll admit that the all-black look does some good, too. There's a real bike under there, somewhere, too. Oh, and to make it better? There's also the Excitebike classic helmet, as well as the trophy! All from Legos, of course.

[via Geekologie]