EVO 4G breaks Sprint sales record

Shane McGlaun - Jun 7, 2010, 4:21am CDT
EVO 4G breaks Sprint sales record

Sprint is hurting and really needed a clear winner of a handset and it finally has one with the HTC EVO 4G handset. We reviewed the EVO 4G and really liked the device. The handset launched on last Friday around the country and has set sales records for Sprint.

Sprint says that the EVO 4G sold more phones in a single day than either of the two previous record holders – the Palm Pre and the Samsung Instinct. Sprint claims that the EVO 4G sold three times as many units on launch day as the Pre and Instinct did over their first three days of sales combined.

Reports last year when the Pre went on sale had the device selling about 60,000 units over the course of its first weekend of availability. Sprint also reports that demand was so strong there were shortages of the device at some of the sales locations around the country and more stock is going to be coming on a daily basis.

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