eviGroup Wallet Android MID on sale in May for €199

Since we've apparently entered the culling phase of the tablet story arc – goodbye HP slate and Microsoft Courier, we'll miss your shiny renders – it's good to know that devices are still entering production rather than being canned.  French firm eviGroup have just announced that their Wallet Android MID has entered production and should be on sale, for €199 ($264), from May.  Carrypad chased up some details from director Nicolas Ruiz, including how he sees the Wallet facing against the Archos 5 Internet Tablet and what sort of help they've had from Google.

Ruiz defines the Wallet as a "professional" MID, versus the Archos device's multimedia focus.  "We want to have the same build quality that Archos 5 but we don't want to be a challenger" he explains, adding that "we will deliver Wallet with a lot of accessories directly in the package."  A car cradle is one such accessory tipped for inclusion.

As for the Google support, think along the lines of "none".  According to Ruiz, eviGroup attempted to contact Google regarding getting the Wallet approved and adding access to the Android Market, but they heard nothing back.  The Wallet has a 5-inch resistive touchscreen and is believed to use a Samsung ARM11 processor in a semi-rugged design (the company's latest prototypes moved away from the iPhone-stylings of the early mock-ups, thankfully), but there's no word on whether €199 gets you the integrated 3G talked about previously.