Evernote rolls out two-step verification to all users

In May, Evernote began rolling out two-step verification to its Premium users, with a promise that as the system was implemented, it would eventually be made available for standard users as well. Fast forward a couple months, and such a time has come, with the company announcing that all of its users are now covered by the additional security measure.

In light of various security breaches and industrious hacking efforts, Evernote has been working on two-step verification for months. With it comes an extra step in the verification process, with the idea being that while someone may be able to gain access to your username and password, they won't have access to your smartphone, making the requirement for a special code delivered to the handset a difficult issue to bypass.

The authentication utilizes Google Authenticator, as we noted earlier this year. For those who are Premium members, the security code will be delivered as a text message, but free users will need to download the authentication app on their handset. The security feature must also be enabled, which can be done by logging into one's account and enabling two-step verification under the "Security" tab.

Evernote isn't the only company in recent times to implement two-step verification. In March, for example, Apple iCloud two-step verification began rolling out, and in May Twitter also joined the security bandwagon, something that had been tipped a few times before hand. Microsoft, Dropbox, and more also utilize two-step authentication.

SOURCE: Evernote