Evernote hits 2m UK users as business tools accelerate

Evernote has smashed past the two million active UK users mark, the cloud-based note-taking company has confirmed, doubling its footprint in the country within the space of a year. Perhaps more interestingly, the UK is supposedly Evernote's biggest Evernote Business market in Europe, too. Nonetheless, the UK market base is still just a fraction of Evernote's total userbase.

Overall, Evernote has more than 50m users worldwide, growing by 80,000 or so a day. The UK contributes around 3,000 to that daily figure, the company says.

Launched back in 2008 as a way to synchronize digital notes across multiple devices, Evernote has since expanded with native apps for iOS, Android, and other phone/tablet OSes, plus the ability to search text even when it's included in a photo. The company has also inked deals with others to expand its footprint, including integrating Evernote into Samsung's Galaxy Note series, and into Livescribe's Sky WiFi smartpen.

In both devices, Evernote is used as a sync hub, with Livescribe going one step further and building an HTML5 sharing system that allows handwritten notes stored in Evernote to be reviewed by others complete with real-time audio. There's more on that in our Sky smartpen review.

Meanwhile, Evernote hasn't let up on Apple integration, even though the iPad lacks a proper stylus. Having acquired Penultimate, an app for handwritten notes on the iPad, it made it a free download and baked in search for cursive text.