Everex US folds after Cloudbook fails to find favor

Hot on the heels of Raon Digital's apparent demise comes word that Everex US have shut their doors.  Best known for the Cloudbook, a rebadge of VIA's original Nanobook reference design that met with middling reviews and relative consumer apathy, the company had most recently revealed plans for a WiMAX version and a touchscreen model.

It now looks unlikely that either of those will make an appearance, at least not under the Everex name.  VIA themselves moved on to the altogether more impressive Nano processor, though Everex never stated any intention to adopt the new CPU.

According to the company themselves, the US operations are now closed and they are "in the processor of liquidation of all our assets".  It's unclear whether the liquidation will affect Everex Japan or Taiwan; neither site has any mention of their US sibling's closure. 

[via GadgetMix]