Essential Phone release date and carrier support detailed

Chris Burns - May 31, 2017, 10:17 am CDT
Essential Phone release date and carrier support detailed

This week Andy Rubin (co-founder of Android) and crew revealed the Essential Phone (with Android inside). They revealed the device with a few details early on in the day, then held a press conference later in the day with a few details on how and when the device would be made available. While the smartphone with Android and a Qualcomm processor under the hood can potentially work with most mobile carriers in the United States, the actual real-world situation is a bit more complicated.

Like an Essential Mix of music on British Weekend Radio, this smartphone has a lot to love. It has a display up front which covers the vast majority of its face. It has a rim that’s made of rugged metal. The backside is made of a ceramic available in several different colors.

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This is a bold smartphone – not just a device that’s content with being a step-up from last year’s design. To be fair, it couldn’t be since this company only has one smartphone so far, but still. With this smartphone we have the Anti-iPhone, the Anti-Galaxy, the Anti-Pixel.

This is not a “it works and that’s good enough for me” sort of device. Your dad would probably not feel it necessary to own this smartphone. He’s think it was too extravagant, and stick with his flip phone for another year or two.

For those users out there who think that means this device could be worth a look, there are a few details that might strike your fancy. The simple stuff about the next-level phone from the man who was essentially responsible for Android – the software – having been born.

Essential Phone Release Date and Pricing

• Released in late June, 2017
• Pre-orders began yesterday, sort of*
• Pricing begins at $700 (or so)

Much like Android Nexus smartphones of the past, this Essential Phone (sold by Essential) will be sold online only. At least at first. For now, the device will be sold carrier-free inside the United States for starters.

The Essential Phone has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 inside, which means it’s paired with the ability to connect with most any SIM card. Each of the mobile carriers that have spoken up publicly about the device thus far have said basically the same thing: it’ll work with our data, but we’re not sure how well, just yet.

For more information on this device, have a peek at our handful of features published in the last 24 hours. This device is set to be a stunner, one way or the other. Now to get our hands on it!

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