Entire Apple mobile line tipped for new dock connector

In a move that will certainly be raising some eyebrows this autumn should it all come to fruition, Apple has been tipped to be updating their entire line of iOS devices with a new dock connector. Apple's current dock connector is consistent across each of its mobile devices, that being the iPhone, iPod, iPod touch, and iPad. What we're seeing here according to sources speaking with iMore have revealed that not only with the next iPhone be getting a new smaller dock port, a brand new iPad mini will be getting it as well.

This tip includes an updated version of the 3rd generation iPad with the same 9.7-inch Retina-quality display and an updated casing. This updated body for the iPad will be essentially the same as the iPad 3 but with a back-facing microphone to add noise-cancellation to the tablet. With the iPhone 5 (or whatever it'll end up being called), the iPad mini, and a new iteration of the 9.7-inch iPad coming out this year, we can certainly expect 3rd party accessory makers to have a fit creating new cases, skins, and all manner of docks for the devices for the holidays.

Perhaps one of the largest changes here for Apple isn't the dock connector itself, but the fact that Apple's update schedule would have to be changed significantly to make it all so. With the Retina display-toting MacBook Pro and a new version of OS X Mountain Lion out now, and a couple new mobile devices being tipped for the next few months, Apple appears to be bringing on a whole new generation of devices at once.

So here's what you've got to look forward to according to this most recent tip:

iPad 4,1 or iPad 3,x with "heat issue" fix, back-facing mic

iPhone 5

• iPod touch

• iPad mini

Each of these devices has been tipped to be coming soon with new dock connectors in-tact. It's not been tipped in any way that the current iPod (non-touch) lineup will be changed – but we must assume they would be, given the circumstances. Stay tuned for more Apple presto-change-o soon!