EMTEC G-Box nettop: Ion, they say, but no HDMI

Chris Davies - Jul 3, 2009, 2:32 am CDT
EMTEC G-Box nettop: Ion, they say, but no HDMI

Eagle-eyed nettop watchers will note that we’ve already seen EMTEC’s G-Box quite a few times here on SlashGear, albeit wearing different branding.  Based on Pegatron’s reference design, EMTEC say the the G-Box uses NVIDIA’s Ion graphics chipset, which would suggest it’s a version of the Cape 7, but the VGA rather than HDMI port is more like the lower-powered Ultra Slim.

Video overview after the cut

Either way, while the G-Box can hang nicely off the VESA mount on the back of your TV or monitor, there’s no HD output for media playback.  Other ports include six USB 2.0, ethernet and audio in/out, and there’s meant to be a 160GB hard-drive inside.

To be honest, it looks very much like the Ruvo Mini Cap 7 nettop that we saw unboxed back in June.  That would certainly fit with the pricing, too; according to Pocket-lint, EMTEC have said the G-Box will go on sale in the UK for around £179 ($293), with an HDMI version to follow.

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